“Jeane Watier is changing lives with her books.”

Paulette Grant, Artist and Poet

“An excellent read!  Jeane takes the principles of Law of Attraction presented by such great teachers as  Abraham-Hicks, and magically weaves them into a story that comes alive and holds you to the last page.  I can hardly wait for book two.”   

             —Cathy Jacobs, author of Pathway Angels

“I read your book, Life’s Song, and I  was unbelievably touched by it. There were so many things in the book that I was going through in my own life as I was reading it. I felt as though I was living what was on the pages and was able to follow the advice it held.  I'm sure that many who read it will feel the same connection." 

—J.D., Elliot Lake, ON

I just finished book 2, A Song of the Heart.Wow! How you intertwined the love stories together was incredible. I cried all the way through the wedding and was utterly mesmerized by Dana and Quinn's relationship. This book is wonderful. You should be so proud. I am so honored that you asked me to do a paining of Dayna at the piano for the cover, because I see myself in her. The connection you have with Source and your wonderful gift of putting thoughts into words so that they can be put into action is going to help people understand the power they have within. Many will learn to make their dreams come true and then by their example, the joy will trickle to the ones they love and will change the world one step at a time. You are already changing lives with your books.”  

—Paulette Grant, Artist and Poet

“The most amazing thing about Jeane Watier’s books is that I can feel myself climb up the emotional scale as I read. They raise my vibrational energy. What a gift—enjoyable stories with a lovely side effect!”

—Tina Thrussell (writer, speaker, and personal coach)

“I started your book 2 days ago and couldn’t put it down. You have a great talent of skillfully weaving the story line with enlightened teachings. I wish for as many people as possible, particularly those who are in a need of help, to receive the law of attraction teachings in this easily accessible and enjoyable form. Thank you for writing these books and reminding me again (and others) about the principles of the law of attraction.” 

—Helena Kalivoda, Author of Awaken!

“Hearts Reunited is a good read that pulls the first two books together.  Surprising twists reveal the very human conflicts this extended family faces.”

—Sharon Montgomery, Author - Playwright - Lyricist

“I have now finished reading Book 2 and I loved it.  You did such a wonderful job once again.”

Coral Sterling, author, Redefining Religion for our Modern World

“It’s not only a great story, but the book (SoulMates) also contains hints for a better life...not religious at all, but good sense ideas and thought-provoking ideas. I can’t wait to have my friends read it so we can discuss it together!”

—Jan (Amazon customer review)

(Life’s Song) “Excellent read as an introduction to the effects of Law of Attraction. Fun story, positive and good flow, which makes it a great book to read.”

—Mapelgold (Amazon customer review)

“If you love fiction with a basis in law of attraction you will enjoy this book and the others in the series. I really enjoyed it.”

—Sheila (Amazon customer review)

“I've been studying LOA for 25 years. 99% non-fiction. It's good and inspiring, yes, but...It's SO nice to read a novel that's got characters I would enjoy getting to know personally and hang out with. So wonderful to SEE LOA in FICTION, it makes the concepts come ALIVE. Kudos!!! To the Author: Great job and keep it up! You're dancing on the leading edge of What's Possible for humanity, and inviting others to join in the dance. It's lovely. THANK YOU!!!

—Happy D (Amazon customer review)

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