“The principles set forth in this story can be life-changing... The characters were great and well developed. I loved it!!.”

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<h1>Law of Attraction books by Jeane Watier | Soul Mates</h1>

From different worlds, Jace and Cassandra are an improbable match, but add a sweetly eccentric, psychic old woman to the mix, and anything is possible.

In a story of unlikely connections, a friendship ensues between Jace and his elderly neighbor. Lady Sophia Langdon then summons her grandniece, asking her to write down something of great importance. A chance meeting leaves the two young people at odds and has Cassandra questioning Jace’s motives in working for her wealthy aunt.

Cassandra is awed by her aunt’s gift to her—a series of universal truths, simple yet profound. Enriched by the wisdom and excited to share it with others, Cassandra is devastated when her beloved aunt passes away before conveying the final truth. Jace, too, is shaken by Sophie’s sudden passing. Her advice has helped him immensely, and he finds it comforting to replay their conversations in his head. But when those conversations take on a whole new dimension, he discovers that the power of a soul connection can defy the boundaries of this time-space reality.

Three unlikely soul mates drawn together by the powerful LAW OF ATTRACTION.

Soul Mates

A Law of Attraction novel

Novel Ink Publishing 

ISBN #978-0-9877197-5-5      

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