“Time Again champions the strength of women, the power of the Law of Attraction, and the magic of believing in one’s dreams!”

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A magical journey through time and across realms. One beloved home. Four remarkable women.

Lillian grows up in the stately manor that was her grandmother Nan's beloved home. She adores the rambling gardens, the pebbled beach, the spectacular ocean views. When her life takes a sudden twist, leaving her in a unique blend of worlds, she seeks Nan's guidance to navigate her new reality and ultimately finds a way to stay connected to their cherished home.

Time Again

An award-winning novel

Novel Ink Publishing 

ISBN #978-0-9877179-6-2      

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Claire moves to Vancouver Island and purchases an oceanside property. Walking the beach one evening, she sees a vision of a beautiful, castle-esque home where her tiny cottage now sits. In the nearby town, she meets a young woman whose connection to the piece of land is puzzling. As Claire makes plans to build a replica of the enchanting house, she receives assistance from unlikely sources: a stray dog, a Native medicine woman, and two loving spirits.

Sara comes across a regal old house during a holiday to the island. The exchange is brief, but the impression it leaves on her heart is lasting. Time passes, but her connection to the house deepens until one day she is presented with an opportunity to go back. She begins living her dream, but becoming caretaker of Castle Cove Inn is only part of the delightful unfolding the Universe has in store for her.

2020 Gold metal winner

Independent Publisher Book Awards

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